How to Make Your Space Bright and Open

One detail, that might seem minuscule to some, that is very important in the vacation rental scene is brightness. When you are welcoming someone either into your home, into a vacation rental or even your mother into the mother’s quarters in the backyard, they should walk into a room or apartment that is bright.

This is very important because brightness or natural light in general affects everyones emotions. That is why a lot of us say that rainy days are gloomy days and we stay inside most of the day watching a movie or reading a book. While sunny days are happy days that get people to go outside and enjoy their day! These are two totally different emotions!

Which emotion would you like people to have when a person comes into your home, their future home or a short term rental? Positive or negative? I’m pretty sure, you’re thinking what I’m thinking…and that’s positive for sure!

But how do we make sure that a positive emotion occurs? I thought you’d never ask 😊

There are a few actions below, that you could take today that would not cost you a dime (#1-3) and there are a few others that you can add to your space to increase light to bring more positivity (#4-8)!

1. Open those blinds!

Blinds are what block the sunlight from coming into a room. If all of the blinds are closed, there is no way for natural light to come through. And we need this to capture positive emotions.

Take the example in the pictures to the right: 152BD6B9-DF26-48B2-A618-293CD7AE7F4D                             

In the first picture, all of the blinds are closed, it looks pretty dark and it doesn’t look welcoming at all. Now look at the second photo. The blinds are open and it looks like a completely different room. Did you feel different when looking at either one? 

2. Turn on some lights

Maybe your space doesn’t have a lot of natural light. Do you already have ceiling lights or lamps in your rental or house? These are small items that you can turn on before someone’s arrival that will add a feel of natural light… even when it’s dark outside or overcast.

3. Don’t obstruct natural light


Sometimes we tend to put a big chair, a lots of plants or an armoire near a window. While the chair for reading and a lot of plants that need sunlight sounds nice, these items caneasily obstruct the light coming in and create shadows in the room. When the living space is small and has a shortage of natural light, you want to use it in the best way possible. Try to keep any furniture or plants on the low end of a window so that you can get to most light as possible.


4. Neutral color scheme

We want to brighten your 65908473_1273714859463520_8989884106972069888_nspace as much as possible. If you want to make it look open and bright, we need to make it that way. Remember in 5th grade learning: The lighter the wall color is in a room, the more reflection they will bounce off? Give the walls a neutral color and make the ceiling a shade lighter. This will help increase reflection! 

5. Increase the idea of daylight where you can

Some rooms don’t have windows or have very small natural light coming through. If this is the case, try adding a substitute to natural light, like a tall lamp or recessed light fixures in the ceiling to direct light. This will help create indirect lightening and bring in the idea of natural light.

6. Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Bathrooms62144883_1254206741414332_7830958560207962112_o are a common place where there is no natural light shining through.A smart way to reflect the light that is in there, is with a mirror up on the wall — the larger you can get (that still looks good) is the best idea. Try the example in this picture.


7. Shady plants

A great way to add the feeling that there is natural light in a room or house, is to have tall plants that can survive in the shade of your house. This will create the illusion of light in the house when there really isn’t a lot of it. If your curious of what kinds of plants these are try this site here! p.s. I love the look of a Fiddle Leaf Fig in a hallway!


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