Welcome Signs: A Good Amount of Personal Touch

Everyone wants to feel welcome when they arrive in a new space or when they are visiting family or friends. No one wants to feel like they just plopped themselves in the middle someone’s busy life. They want to feel like people took time to greet them or that they remembered they were even coming!

But what if you, as a host to a friend, family member or traveling guest (for short term rentals) can’t welcome them personally? What are you supposed to do?

Yeah, sure you can say: “Make yourself at home. There’s fresh drinks and fruit in the fridge if you’d like.” And you can let them know where the spare key is, but won’t that make the other person feel like they aren’t being focused on or paid any attention to? It might. But I think I have something that you can do which will make them feel welcomed in a special way!

If you have room on a blank table, open wall space or space on a door why not think of a welcome sign!


Welcome signs can show a great amount of personal touch and hospitality when a guest walks through the doors for the first time. It also can show off a certain style or design that runs throughout the apartment or room.

Our first suggestion is to get yourself an 8×10 picture frame. This will allow you to really give a personal welcome to ANY guest! With this picture frame you can type up a simple Welcome Letter (using Word or Pages on your computer). Make sure to leave space for the guests’ name at the top. Make sure to use an EXPO marker (not Sharpie… as we learned in the past), to make sure you can wipe the name off afterwards).

Underneath and for the rest of the page we recommend to add the following:

  • WiFi code and password in large print – so it’s easy to find!
  • Host contact information – great communication is KEY for superhosts.
  • Address of apartment¬†
  • Names of your favorite restaurants¬†– some guests would rather feel like locals. Help them do that we some awesome recommendations!
  • Share the names of common areas in the city¬†– this will help your guests travel better around the city.



Chalkboards that you can easily write and erase on quickly are really good to use as well. Sometimes we welcome people into an apartment or our home because they are in town to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or engagement. This is another place to show that YOU remembered, by writing “Happy Birthday” or “Congrats!” on the board.


When you are able to make it custom (like the chalk board with a handwritten word above), you can really show a sense of thought and care that was put into the apartment or room that the guest is staying in.


Maybe you don’t have this amount of room available to use. Another great idea to do develop a small Welcome Booklet for a new guest, family member or friend. This booklet can give them tips and tricks around the apartment and also share favorite places that near by.

Another place that might help with get some creativity flowing would be Etsy.com. There are SO many welcome signs, print outs, and even front door mats available on there… it’s almost crazy!


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