Refresh Your Mind By Reading!

I feel like everyone used to read as a kid… in middle school and high school. But what about when you go to college or graduate? You get swept in ‘real life’ and begin to feel like you don’t have the time to read or can’t make the time. Everything is instant these days. Everything is at our fingertips. We think that everything is online (well, I believe it all pretty much is) but what about sitting in silence? Really focusing our mind of the words we are reading, without having the distraction of bings from emails, notifications for Instagram and calls from friends or client. Don’t you miss that just a little bit? I believe used bookstores (really any bookstore) can help you in this area.

Going into a used bookstore takes me back to my childhhood. I used to (and still do) go with my mom to the nearest used bookstore in town (Chamblins Bookmine). We used to roam the hallways that were surrounded by shelves stocked up with books that were stuffed on top of each other – just so they wouldn’t fall on the ground. This place explods with books! It was also too much for a kid to see… but how can there be too many books in one place?!

What I want to get at though, is that going to a used bookstore has NEVER gotten old. Reading books has NEVER gotten old and neither has learning. Learning how to do something new… or old that you might have forgotten!

I’m bringing this up to you today – because I think that if YOU want to learn something….yes, you can go to many websites, podcasts, youtube videos, etc… but I think once you decide what it is specifically you want to learn, you can find wonderful direction and expertise within books written by other experienced humans.

Life is always about learning. Do you want to learn how to start a business? Do you want to learn how to have the best Thanksgiving dinner party or best birthday party elements? Or how to start a rental property? What about learning how to cope with depression or get through the first year of marriage?

I bet you will find all of these answers in the walls of a used bookstore near you.

You just have to go there with an hour of time and roam the halls. You never know what you will find or what will inspire you!






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