Welcome Waters – The Impact They Have

I get parched from a day of travel. Whether it be traveling on a plane or on a 6 hour car drive – I am always thirsty! Part of me thinks I should just travel all the time to make sure I’m hitting my proper daily water intake.

** Rachel Hollis says that we should make a goal to drink water everyday. Specifically , half our body weight in ounces. For me that is 65 ounces of water. Do you know how many Tervis cups of water that is?! Only 4 bottles of water. Make it happen people!


Back to my water talk though.

Most short term rental guests are traveling to your place. Imagine how parched they could be if they traveled all the way from California to rent your lovely place. I imagine they could chung down a nice water or even a tastey treat that you leave for them on the table or bed! You would be the best host!

You know why they would think of you as the best host? Because you CARED about them before they had even arrived. People love to know they have been thought about and deemed important is someones mind.

Pair these welcome waters with a personal welcome note and you are GOLDEN! Remember that they are in town for an anniversary, birthday or honeymoon? You’ve got the ultimate care quotient.


But now you’re starting to ask if the type of water has an affect?

Simply put: YES.

Your guest wants to feel special. You shouldn’t be setting Publix spring water bottles on the bed for them. That does not send off the message of hospitable, caring and detailed. It might just come off as a lazy thought and that you pulled out whatever you had at the bottom of your pantry.

This guest chose to stay at YOUR place. Show them how happy you are that they did! Try to stock up on some Fiji, Eternal, Evian or even sparkling Perrier… if you want to be fancy!

Place this on the nightstand with a local magazine or fresh flowers and they will feel like they are at a home away from home.


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