Signs That Say Hello!

Do you ever put an address in google maps and drive to the location but you can’t seem to find the right place? I’ve done that many times and it is not fun; especially if you’re in a new city.

That’s why, as the host, having an easy to notice door, driveway or front of the house is a great idea!


At two of the Airbnb’s that we manage (a garage apartment to be exact), we decided to paint the doors in a colorful, non-tacky color that would help guests locate the correct place. We hoped that it would stand out from the other houses nearby.

But what if all of the doors of the two garage apartments and the main house which is rented out yearly, have the same color doors? How would a guest distinguish their short term rental from the main house?

We discovered an uber simple design item, that does not even cost that much: Etsy Wooden Hello signs! Aren’t these cute?!


The great thing about the hello signs being wooden is that you can color them any color you want!

For our example, the ones we currenly use, we spray painted them a dark brown. The doors were painted teal, which allowed the brown color to pop off the door instead of fade into the background.

While the hello signs and colorful front doors do help new guests in finding the correct place, they do a couple of unexpected things too:

  1. They can brighten up a walk way, balcony area or front a front stoop.
  2. With more color on the door, it will help develop a cleaner look outside. You will notice when it is ditry more easily.
  3. By using a color and sign for the door, it can add some personality on the outside of the apartment.

Try to take advantage of the small things you can add or change to the outer area of your house or short term rental. You will begin to see how it helps your guests and makes their stay even better!



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