6 Tips to Make a Bedroom Airbnb Worthy

You know that saying “successful people make their beds”? Well, that’s not specifically what I am here to talk about today. But I am going to give you some tips for your Airbnb bedroom… after you’ve made the bed!

This bed does not need to be your personal bed though. Do you have a guest room that you’ve been wondering how to make an extra dollar from? Renting out a private room is the way for you then!

But you need to know the 6 Best Tips For Making A Bedroom Airbnb Worthy. Without these your place won’t see many guests come through that door… at least good ones I mean.

Check out Just Jeff – as he explains in person the 6 Best Tips! You won’t be sorry you watched!


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Check out Just Jeff  – Tiny Tips!


1. Stay Clean

This seems like a no-brainer but remember details matter and a clean place is all about the details! Some specific areas that you will need to pay attention to and make sure they are clean on a regular basis are below.

  • Baseboards

Make sure to wipe off dust or random hairs that have accumulated on the baseboards around the Airbnb. This is something that can make or break a review from a guest. No one wants to see hair on the floor or on the walls where they are renting.

  • Window sills

Window sills accumlate dust and bugs pretty easily. Make sure to take your vacuum over them and suck anything up that shouldn’t be there — or use a wet rag to wipe them up.

  • Clean Window Glass 

This is something you can have in your monthly deep clean. But clean window glass shows how detailed you are. Some guests pull up all the blinds in the apartment so that extra light can come in – when they do this, you will want them to be able to see through the glass and not have to look through water stains or finger marks.

  • Clean Under the Bed

Dust bunnies are a real thing! You might not see them… but they are there: under the couch, the bed, or low tables. Just think of any item you tend to skip over when cleaning your own house – it’s probably the items that you have to get under or on your knees for.

Guests might be on the bed at night and have one of their items fall underneath the bed. Make sure they can look under the bed and not see dust bunnies or other ‘lost’ items from guests. The easiest way to do this? Make sure your vacuum has an extendable part and take it under the bed.

  • Lighting and Ceiling Fans! 

And two other things that don’t pertain completely to cleaniless but instead to detail are lighting and ceiling fans. You shoudl make sure that lights have lightbulbs that aer working and that you are dusting off the ceiling fans on a regular basis.

2. Bed Linens and Pillows

This is where your guest will be sleeping! You don’t want them to think the bed is poorly made, stained or worn out. The bed linens and pillows your guests use should be of higher class – like a hotel!


But how do you know you have the right linens and pillows? 
  • Fitted Sheet

We will start with the bottom of the bed. Buy a fitted sheet for the box spring under the mattress. This will help with a fresh look when looking at the bed. I usually buy a white fitted sheet on Amazon – since it will match with any color duvet in the future.

  • Mattress Protector 

A mattress protector is more for your benefit as the host. No one wants to have to purchase a new mattress due to a liquid incident on the mattress. Instead, make sure that you have a water resistent mattress cover that has a bit of cushion.

Having one of these on the bed will help protect your Airbnb even more from any accidcents that may happen.

  • Bed Sheets

This is soooo important! If you buy bed sheets that are see-through when you hold them – throw them out!  See-through linens have very low thead counts, are thin, do not feel comfortable and will need to be replaced more quickly than high thread count sheets. Aim to buy a pack of bed sheets which have a thread count between 200 – 800. The higher the number, the more expensive though – you should know what you want beforehand.

What are our ‘go-to’ sheet sets?

Tommy Hilfiger bed sheets and Tommy Bahama bed sheets. These sheets last a long time, feel great and if you get the ones with designs on them, this can add some hidden personality! 😊

  • NO Comforter – ONLY Duvet Covers

Comforters are the big and fluffy covers you can buy to put over your sheets on your beds. Duvets are a top bed covering that has a duvet insert to go inside of it (these can be for winter and summer).

Comfortors are not too easy to wash. They take a lot of time to dry and usually once you wash/dry them the inside ‘fluff’ gets moved around from its original place – making it feel old and used. Duvets, on the otherhand, are super easy to handle. Since there is an insert that goes inside the duvet cover, this allows for the duvet cover to be easily removed and washed – every time a guest leaves. This helps with making sure the smell of the duvet is always clean and fresh and that there are no stain on it.

Pottery Barn Bedding always has a great sale with their bedding selection 👍🏻.

  • Pillows 

Pillows. Are. Everything. This is what guests lie their heads on at night to have a good night’s sleep. If you have the wrong pillows (toooo soft, too hard), it could cost you a review because of the bad sleep they had. But first – there are two different types of pillows. 1. Sleeping pillows 2. Decorative pillows. What you will need is:

  • 2 very comfortable pillows used to sleeping.
  • 2 decorative pillows which are used to sit up on or read against.

The decorative pillows can either be a standard size (rectangular) or a european sham (square). There is no right or wrong on deciding which to go for. But typical duvet sets come with standard sized shams already – just as an FYI.

2. Bed Side Tables 


Nightstands, bed side tables… whatever you call them. They are a must. I don’t find myself putting my water bottle, chapstick, phone or book on the floor at night. I put it on my nightstand that is standing right beside the bed. Not only that – but I have a lamp on my table to lower the light in the room. This allows for much for than just convenience for your guest.

  • If you are able to have night stands on both sides of the bed this can bring more symmetry to the room.
  • Whether the night stand is made out of metal, wood or has an awesome paint color on it – you can use this as a focal point in the room.
What items do I make sure to have on the night stands for guests?
  • A small dish for the guests’ chapstick, spare change or small items.
  • Box of tissues.
  • A lamp with a muted light bulb.
  • Your own additions like trinkets or a fake plant.

3. Desk and Chair 


In today’s world, everyone has… an ipad, computer, phone(s), books, and more with them when they are traveling. This is especially true when guests are on a business trip. And this is when having a desk and a chair in the room will come in handy. Did you know that on Airbnb there are many steps in becoming a business Airbnb? One of the requirements is that there is a workplace station available for the guests to work on and where they can store their items. If you don’t have this available your listing can easily be pushed lower on the list for people to find.

But what do you need on this desk to make it worth having in the room? Here are a couple of my favorite items to have available:
  • Multi-plug.
  • Jar of pens and pencils.
  • Small notebook for notes.
  • A table lamp.
  • Local magazines.

4. The Little Things 

The little things are what make or break an Airbnb. However, there are a LOT of little things that can be in a room when you think about an Airbnb. I’ve collected it down to a couple of my top ‘little things’, that I believe should be noticed in an Airbnb.

  • Smells

This is a no brainer. Your Airbnb can’t smell like a cat, dog, fish, dirty socks or something like that. It needs to smell like fresh linens, clean air or for a more specific smell: Bath & Body Works Wallplugs: Stress Relief.  This scent is subtle but just enough to make a different in a room.

  • Night Light 

No, this doesn’t make you a baby if you have this. Having a small night light available for a guest really helps them out; especially when they are in a new and unknown room unlike their own. Having a night light pluged in either in the bedroom, hallway or bathroom will help guests to navigate your Airbnb better.

Walsh Close up bed

Every guest loves to feel special and when you leave them something special, that does just that! We have a rule that everyone one of our guests receives a ‘fancy water’ when they arrive. Whether that be Avian, Fuji, Perrier or Smart Water, it doesn’t matter. It just needs to be something they would not normally find or buy for themselves on a regular basis. For more detail on this subject, check out my other post on Welcome Waters.

Not only does this action make them feel good, you are hydrating them. You should feel good about that 😊. If you don’t think waters are your thing, then try a special local snack that you could surprise them with!

  • Hand Written Note 


This one is much easier to do if you, yourself, are the one cleaning and setting up the Airbnb for the guest. This will give you the chance to give the guest something personalized from YOU!

Maybe you remember that it’s their engagement celebration or birthday weekend while they are staying. Write a nice card congratulating them or wishing them an awesome weekend – in your handwriting! Handwritten letters to the guests sends a sense of care to the guest. Telling them that you are available if you need them but for them to ultimately enjoy their stay!