Taco Tuesday IS For Everyone

Taco Tuesday, Taco Tuesday, Taco Tuesday.

I am currently doing a happy dance… can you tell? I absolutely love it when Tuesday comes around in the week. Our family either makes homemade something with a taste of taco seasoning in it or we go out and eat lots of tacos!

But I’m not here to tell you how I do it… not really. If you happen to be in Jacksonville, FL on a Tuesday, I would like to just prepare you for Taco Tuesday!

How am I supposed to do that you ask? By sharing my recommendations of the many places that are rocking Taco Tuesdays.

(p.s. These recommendations I’m sharing with you are on my guidebook for my short term rentals guests! Take note of the Taco Tuesday locations around you and add them to your guidebook! Check out more information on those here.

I am going to focus on a certain area of town in Jacksonville: Riverside, Avondale, 5 Points and San Marco. This area is closest to downtown and is easy to navigate… which is super convenient if you want to make your own Taco Tuesday Tour.

What makes a Taco Tuesday Tour?
  • Friends.
  • Eating 1 – 2 tacos at each place.
  • Traveling to at least 3-4 taco restaurants.
  • Traveling via bike or car!

I know you can develop that by yourself… so here are the recommendations!

1. HighTide Burrito

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 13.50.09

This is one of my favorite places in Jacksonville. It offers burritos, tacos, bowls and even street corn! But what’s awesome is that the foor is very ‘sea’ inspired. While they do have chicken and beef burritos/tacos, Hightide Burrito’s main dishes are made with fish or shrimp. And they are all to die for.

The seafood orders are the perfect taste and size. The salsa and Peruvian grilling sauce makes the whole meal as well. You go in thinking that you are in the middle of the city, but come out believing you are right next to the ocean!

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 13.49.08

Did I forget to talk about chips!? Yes. Yes, I did. The chips that you can order on the side are crunchy and delicious. You will need to order chips for the table for sure!

2. Burrito Gallery – Brooklyn

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 13.41.21

This specific Burrito Gallery has a great place to sit outside while eating and drinking. You can sit out on the lower level terrace or enjoy the happy hour on the rooftop! Who could say no to that?

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 13.38.04

As for the tacos at this location, you’ll be able to get your hands on some good old old fashioned tacos. Whether you are vegetarian or not, they have what you want.

Plus… who doesn’t want to combine Taco Tuesday with a great happy hour??

3. Mossfire Grille

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 13.43.01

If you are interested in some good mixes of taste – this is your place to go. Mossfire’s tacos are made with some playfulness of taste but it’s the creativity that you get to experience. For instance, the Chicken BLT taco is actually delicious. And the Pacific Rum Tuna Taco is to die for.

And you know what they do for Taco Tuesday?!

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 13.43.30

BUY ONE GET ONE! That’s probably the best thing that I’ve seen offered… oh and their awesome margaritas during the 3pm-7pm happy hour.

How can you go wrong with eating at this place? I am really not sure.

4. Corner Taco

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 13.46.23.png

Are you vegan? Vegetarian? Just looking forr something that makes you think about tacos differently? Try Corner Taco!

From the Asparagus Taco and the Tempeh Taco to the General Tao’s Chicken Taco and the Sour Cherry Tenderloin Asada Taco… man you will be in heaven.

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 13.47.17

Corner Taco offers you the choice between flour and corn tortillas and can pretty much alter the tacos for you if need be.

While they might not have a specific Taco Tuesday Special, the do have ‘Taco’s of the Day’ which change weekly and are usually the best of the day.

5. Cinco Taqueria in 5 Points

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 13.37.23

Okay. I will admit, I have not yet been to this place but it looks great. Whenever I drive by it, there is a line out the door! It must be good then, right?

What I do know, from their menu, is that they have a special taco: Tacos El Pastor that are only available Friday and Saturday. It is an authentic Mexican taco and it has pineapples in it. Pineapples. What?!

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 13.37.04.png

I am dying to go here when I’m able to ! Once I do though, I will update you and let you know how delicious everything was. 😋

6. El Jefe Jax

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 13.52.54

El Jefe Jax is more of a laid back mexican restaurant. This place is larger than the other taco restaurants I have recommended and has more of a sports bar feel sometimes.

While I would not suggest the happy hour food items (as they seem cheap and just too simple), their dinner options are good! For a family night out and a want for some good chips on the side – go here. As you can see in the picture, the portion are of great size and it’s a good price too! I don’t think you could go wrong here.

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 13.52.29

I know that once I go there again, I will have to update you on more thoughts of the food. And possibly convince you more of them!

So… are you feeling Taco Tuesday now?? You want to go out tonight with your friend, partner or kids and devour some tacos? I say do it! Enjoy your Tuesday!