Guidebooks Are Worth The Extra Mile

Creating a guidebook for your rental, whether it be for an short term rental, your personal house or a full year rental – is alway a good idea and very helpful.

For short term rentals, most people are coming into town for business, a special event (anniversary, birthday, etc) or to visit family. The first two are where a guidebook will really impress. These are new people that do not know the city they are visiting.

Do you think of yourself as a local in town?  A person that knows the ins and outs of the area? What areas of town guests should definitely visit and others they should probably stay clear of?

If so, that is VALUABLE information. Everyone likes be guided a little bit – especially if it can make their stay even more enjoyable.

Most of you might question what to put into a guidebook. We’ve got some recommendations for you.

   1. Add Your Favorite Places

Off the top of your head, you could probably list 5-10 places that you go to regularly during the week. For me this would obviously be about 4 mexican restaurants, a couple of rooftop bars, the best movie theatre and some great dog parks.

Think about where you often go out with friends, places with a great happy hour or where you take your kids. People will love this information and they will be thankful that this will cut their ‘searching’ time short.

   2.   Ask Your Friends Their Favorite Places

If you surround yourself with people that are (mostly) different from yourself, then these people would be a great group to ask about their personal favorites.

You might like the night life in the city and going to different restaurants all the time. But one of your friends might like hiking, fresh food markets and crafts.

When you’ve gathered this information and added it to your guidebook you will soon see that you are able to connect with a lot more guests with different hobbies and interests.

   3.  Look Up The Best 10 Things To Do In Your CIty

One of the first things that comes up on Google is Trip Advisor. Whenever a specific city is typed in, that’s what comes up. Now there are other travel websites with different recommendations too, so make sure to take a look at those as well!

Partly, Trip Advisor has already done the work for you! All you have to do is look up the recommendations on their site and then add the locations to your personal guidebook.

At this point, once you’ve added your favorite places, your friends favorites and even Trip Advisors favorites your guidebook should look pretty packed for your guest!!

For the people reading this, you might want to see a couple of visuals on the different levels of guidebook recommendations. Look no furthe 😊.

In the beginnin, your guide book might look like this photo below. All in one area of town (dowtown)and just a few of items highlighted.

This would be an example of you having only your personal favoriites on the board.

Screenshot 2019-10-06 at 08.43.22

But after awhile and getting know what you guests are really wanting (from their questions and recommendations), you will figure out quickly what to add into your guidebook. Soon you will have bigger bunches of recommendations all around the city  because you took other people’s opinions and added them in.

Screenshot 2019-09-11 at 17.25.12

Once you have incorporated all of the recommendations together on the guidebook, the guest should have to zoom into the map in order to see each recommendation… there are that many!

Now the photo below only shows one part of the city but you can see that to really see each recommendation you would have to zoom in to separate them all. That is what you want.

With all of the recommenations that you will have piled up, ready to share you do need to remember… that quality is better than quantity.

Just be aware of the recommendations you put into the book.

Screenshot 2019-09-11 at 17.26.10


Short Term Rental platform, Airbnb. actually says that having a details guidebook available online will also help you increase your bookings!

Make sure, if you have a short term rental online, that this type of guidebook is completeled when you first open it online for bookings!

What if your guest doesn’t have access to the guidebook during their stay?

Printing out a similar copy to the online guidebook is very beneficial. When the guests are sitting in their bed or couch getting ready for the next day, they will be able to flip through this print out and write the suggestions down for their planned out day the next morning.

This paper guidebook can be incorporated into a Welcome Booklet that you leave for each guest; if that makes it easier to have everything together in one place for the guest.

Featured Image by: Breaking The One Percent

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