5 Low Cost Activities To Do That Increase The Value Of Your Space

You might already have a short term rental (STR) of your own, thinking about developing one soon or even want to utilize your own house as one! Whatever situation you are in, everyone must want to make their ‘space’ nicer and also try to bring more value to the space.

Am I Right?

But here’s the problem with that thought of “bringing value to your space”. When people start to think about adding value, they automatically start to think of kitchen and bathroom remodels, adding a garage for a small apartment and so on… this list could go on.

As you can see, these values I just mentioned above can be very expensive. Not everyone wants to or can even jump directly into these kinds of projects – because they take more time than usual and more money.

What if I could tell you that there are 5 different low cost actions that you could do over the weekened, that add value to your space?

We all want to learn more ways to make our places look more expensive right?!

Well, here are the top 5 things you can do on a weekend that will spruce up your space at a low cost!

1. Empty the Junk

Some of us… like my husband… are not really good with ‘clutter’ or junk lying around the place. He tends to not notice when things are looking cluttered, unorganized or messy. But that’s the way he is in this situation. I, on the other hand, notice when things are spread out in different places or when items in the house do not have an actually place where they are supposed to go. This drives me crazy.

Okay.. where am I trying to get with this?

In a short term rental (which is fully furnished), your guests want to walk into a space that is clean, fresh and where everything seems to have a place and it’s organized.

Now I know you might be thinking 🤔, ‘well, everything that the guests see on the counters and shelves are all organized. They need to be’. I agree with you here – it’s more like common sense.

But what about the items in the cabinets, in the pull out drawers, baskets in the bathroom or even the laundry area?

Are these items always organized, spread out separately and put in a specific place? Sadly enough.. a lot of short term rental owners/hosts forget to look in this area. Most assume the guest put things back the way they were in the beginning. NO WAY JOSE.

You can never depend on a guest to organize your space for you – that is your job as a host.

So next time you walk into your STR, look around the room and open the cabinets, drawers and in baskets. Think of where a guest would look and make it look neat.

There are two positives to this action:

  1. The guests should now be able to find everything they need (as they can see it clearly) and will not have to ask you a million questions as to where things are.
  2. You can make space by decluttering. This will allow you to add extra items or just have a cleaner and open look.
2. Trim

What I mean by trim is: door trim, wall crown, baseboards, window trim and things of this sort.

I believe that having proper trim around door frames, baseboards around the floors, crown going around the top of walls and window trim is very important. To me, all of these give a sense of maturity and completion to the space. They add value, it makes the space seem more high quality – even if you only add one of these examples, you are bound to make your space bump up a notch on the value ladder.


3. Paint

Paint is probably the easiest task to do on the weekend that can instantly change your space for the better. Most of you go straight to painting rooms when thinking of this, but there are actually three different areas to re-paint your space; each add a different amount of value too.

  • New paint on all the walls

We quickly went over this a couple of seconds ago. Repainting rooms in your STR or even your house can be life changing. But you need to be aware of the right colors. How do you do that? Go through home magazines, Pinterest or ask your family or friends who have awesome colors in their house already.

If you only have to paint one rooms’ walls, then you’re only going to spend roughly $30 (give or take) on a gallon of paint. Given that, you might have an old kid bedroom you want to paint over. If you paint over the bright kids blue or pink color in the room with a more muted and relaxing color, then put the furniture back, the space should look clean, fresh and new and ready to welcome more new guests!

You could do a before and after — you, yourself would be amazed.

  • Exterior and interior paint on a door

Now this must be the easiest thing to do… repainting a door. If the color is white — you’ve got your weekend made!

I shouldn’t really have to explain this one in depth. If you look out of your window and look at the garage door or your backdoor of your house, you might see that it looks a bit distressed, used, old or forgotten.

Why not give it a face lift? This can make the entrance of your home look more welcoming or clean or even thoughtful. Having a clean and easy to notice entrance door for a short term rental makes it easier for your guests to find the space without hassle.

  • Exterior House Repaint

Now, this painting activity is not necessarily a ‘low cost’ or ‘weekend honey do list’ item… because it is quite a big task. But it does definitely make a world of difference on a house to add a fresh paint color to it. It makes the place look clean and fresh all over!

Need I saw more once you see these before and after photos?

4. Lighting

A bright and airy room is a great goal to have when you own a short term rental. Having a space that is bright and airy makes people assume that the space is bigger than it is and it also appears to have less mess.

There are a couple of examples I would like to share with you that deal with both inside and outside lighting.

Interior Lighting
  • Under Cabinet Lighting 

Whether this be in the kitchen or the bathroom, under counter or cabinet lighting is wonderful. It makes it seem as if natural light has over come the space that you are in. When really… you’ve just added smart lighting in areas people don’t usually think of.

  • New Pendant Light or Chandelier

Maybe you have an old chandelier or dining room table pendant light that has aged over the years and it just needs to be updated with a new one? That is a simple switch out! Find a more modern or just an upgraded version and viola – a totally different dining room area.


Sometimes by doing this switch out to a new and more updated light, can bring more light into the room. So you might just hit two birds with one stone!

  • Add Sconces 

Sconces, to me, are more like mood lighting in a living room or den or bedroom lighting. That add a bit of relaxed mood into a room.

For example, maybe you have a bedroom that has no lights. Instead you have put a standing lamp in the room… but you noticed it is not enough light.

Sconce lights can come hardwires (where the electric wiring is all inthe wall and you need an electrician) or they can be mounted on the wall and just plugged into an outlet. This is a good choice when you don’t want to spend too much money but want to add a bit ‘extra’ to the room.

  • Recessed Lighting

Another way to add discreet lighting is with recessed lights. These a re the lights that are pushed up in the wall (they don’t hang from the wall). They can be put in on different switches and then they can transform into being mood lighting later in the evening.

Recessed lighting is really good to have put in when you don’t have a lot of natural light in your space. Only have one window in a room or the bedroom? Put 2 recessed lights in there with sconces on the walls – and all of the sudden there is ‘natural light’ coming from everywhere.

Exterior Lighting

Landscape lighting is great to have when your guests have a walkthrough to get to their rental. Whether this be pebbles, cobblestones or even a concrete walkway your guests walk through, you want to make sure it’s clear of anything as well as bright. You don’t want anyone falling down or accusing you of a space ‘not safe for walking’. Believe me, it has happened before and it is not fun to deal with. Some examples of nice and simple landscape lightings are here and here.

Wrapping stairway handles with lights makes your place brighter (yes) but also a bit more cheerful (as this is usually done with outside commerical christmas lights).  It’s also pretty surprising how much light these lights can actually shine onto the stairway.

Outside door lights are more on the safety side than just lighting up an area. No one likes living in a rental where there aren’t any lights around the outside. Some people walking/driving by might think that no one is home… and we all know we don’t want that! Now, yes I did say it’s more of a safety item but it can also light up the door way to the rental, making it easier to spot for the guest.

5. Tile Accents

Let me guess… when you think of doing tile, you immediately think of calling a tile company? What if I told you that these tile accents I am about to share with you… can be done by you alone?!

Can you imagine doing it by yourself? I can understand maybe not a bathroom tile job or flooring, but take a read over the few examples I have and then let me know if you think you can do this as your next DIY!

Stair tiles are beautiful. Can we say that together? Stair tiles are beautiful. I’m not talking about the whole amount of the stairs. Specifically, having tile along the stair risers can make your stairs have a personality! Take a look at the example below… where do your eyes go to first? The tiles, right?


This is an area with you can bring in extra design and mood into the home or even outside.

Bathroom floor tile is a bit harder on the DIY scale, but it is still doable. My suggestion? Measuring and picking out your tiles first, then laying them out in the space before you start. This will allow you to see (approx.) how many tiles you will have to cut to make them all fit properly.

We put fishbone styled tiles in our small bathroom and it was definitely a good design choice. I would say it is a good idea to do this DIY in a smaller bathroom rather than a large one. 13

Backsplash tiles in a kitcken or a bathroom add a small bit of excitement. In a kitchen you would usally put a square or rectangle arrangement of a backsplash behind the stove or a kitchen sink.  These are good places to put is so that when you are cooking food or washing dishes, the mess can be wiped off easily.

As for a bathroom backsplash, it does the same thing. It protects the wall behind the sink from getting wet and getting water damage. And usually a backsplash for bathroom sink area only needs to be 2 or so tiles high.

Updated tiles over the fireplace hearth can bring color into the living room and also develop a theme to the room. Usually old fireplace hearth’s are dark cement from past years or are brick. Painting brick and cement are not a bad idea either! But if you are up for a more time tasked action, try tiling it!


I hope these 5 top low cost DIY’s can bring your home more value! Pick a weekend and get to work 😊  You’ll then be able to see all the things that you can do to make your space seem more expensive in no time.

See you guys later!