Who Stays At Short Term Rentals?

Now that we know what short term rentals are, the next quesitons is: who stays at short term rentals?

Most people that I’ve talked to about short term rentals always comment and say, “Well, aren’t the people that stay at these rentals just people from the same city? You don’t get people out of town or coming from different countries; that wouldn’t make sense.”

And I would say that they are partially correct… only a tiny bit though.

Short term rental guests can range from being from the same city or visitng family to flying from Australia to see a concert or do a roadtrip throughout Florida.  The reasons people are traveling are endless!

Here are a list of 5 different types of travelers you might encounter when opening up your short term rental:

1. Residents Of The Same City As The STR 

Reasons for this could be (and are not limited to:

  • Family members are visiting and the city resident needs a place to stay while they are in town at their home.
  • The guest is a freelancer and needs a new space to work. A different scene/atmosphere really helps the mind think, other than their own home.
  • The guest is remodeling their home and needs a place to stay temporarily.
  • The guest is waiting on the closing of a house and needs a place to stay.
2. Visiting Family 

As said previously (sort of), people come into town to see family for many reasons. New grandchild? Of course family is in town! A sad passing away of someone? People will be coming to town. Holidays coming up? Yep, be sure to open your STR to people for these types of visits.

3. Traveling For Business

Everyone nowadays travels for work (it seems so at least). Sometimes you have guests that are here for business for just one night. Other times, they are here for 2 weeks helping a client (or longer).

A lot of our guests that stay for work are associated with the hospitals in town, by either being a surgeon, doctor or resident; seeing at it is Florida 😉.

4. An Activity Goes On In The City

Does your city put on runs for the public? Or is there a bike race? People travel into town for that stuff! You might even have a guest that’s in the race! 🙃

What about a yearly festival? Or a large sports game?

Take Greenville, SC, this city is putting on a Thanksgiving Potluck next week for the public to experience all together. That type of event… if it’s marketed well enough – will for sure be welcoming people from out of the city.

Or what about in Jacksonville, FL? Every year, sometime in October there is the Florida – Geogria football game. It feels like everything single person comes into town for that game and all short term rentals get booked up!

If your city is able to give people an experience that they want… they will travel for it! I can tell you that that is true.

5. Special Event 

Now for the good times… like a special event. Many, many people travel for these events. It can be for a birthdate weekend, an anniversary or a surprise engagment.

Most of the time, the one booking the reservation will make this known to the host in their reservation message – stating the reason they are coming into town.

What should you do, as a host, with this information? Utilize it! Is this guest coming in for an anniversary or an engagement celebration? Go to the store before they arrive and get that couple a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates shaped in a heart. They will loveeeee it!

What is it’s a birthday weekend? I suggest to still try to show your enthusiasm for their weekend and get them a $10 giftcard to help them have a good time or write them a heartfelt ‘Happy Birthday‘ letter.

The best part of these types of stays and you giving them a special something?  90% of the time, the guests will comment on it in the reviews!!! Those types of reviews can bring you more people! It shows that you are a caring host and that you go out of your way to make someones day.

So there you have it. If you have a short term rental (and even more in a big city), you are going to encounter these types of guests. You will have guests stay at your Airbnb for a weekend and then later find out that there was an engagement that happened on the front steps by the guest. Or that your guest was at your rental to visit their grandbaby for the first time – and maybe that happened in your rental.

What I am trying to say, is that you can be a huge part of people’s lives… just by opening up your short term rental to them. The affects you and your space can have on them are endless!

Talk soon,



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