Correlation Between Bed Mattresses And Guest Reviews

Did you ever think that a bed mattress could have any correlation to Airbnb reviews or any short term rental to be exact?

Well, I can tell you that they do indeed have an affect. Whether it be positive or negative, I think you should know more about it. And of course – why it is important to you.


I imagine that anyone reading this post right now has slept on an air mattress at least once in their life. Did you wake up the next morning and think it was the best sleep of your life? I doubt it. Did you think it was too soft or too hard at different moments? Probably both – if we are being honest!

But what about a regular bed mattress that’s on a proper box spring at a hotel? More than not, you are so excited to jump and cuddle into those bed sheets and have a dreamy nights sleep. And most of us do! Then we leave the hotel ready for a great day either for vacation or work.

That’s the type of day and night we should want our guests to have! A comfy, warm and restful night for a busy/relaxing day!

Walsh bedroom 2

So how do bed mattresses have a correlation the guest reviews? That’s what you have come here for.

If anything can be learned from my psychology class in school, it’s that bad memories are more easily accessible in our brains and are also remembered in greater detail than positive experiences.

Now think of that and paired with a bad night on a mattress that is old, hard, too soft or smelly and your guests’ review can be very negative – espiecially if they are there for a couple of nights.

When thinking about your Airbnb or short term rental – think of the guest. How would they like the bed mattress to feel? Probably new, middle soft/hard and to smell good.

But what mattress can give you all three of those options and also give your the upper hand on good reviews?

Here are three of the best mattresses for your short term rental:

1, The HOFISH Medium Firm Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress

2. The Sweetnight Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress 

3. Ashley Signature Design: 10 inch Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress 

Yes – these three mattress are between the prices of $220-$400. But once you start looking, you will realize that that range is pretty common for any good mattress.

You might also notice that all three of the options I shared are all ‘medium firm’. Since no guest has the same preference, some people are going to like hard mattresses and other soft and some ‘middle’. The best way to make all happy is to get the ‘medium firm’ option.

Just from changing out our short term rental mattresses to either of these options, I can tell you that our reviews have been more about how great peoples’ stays are and definitely less about how the mattress felt (unless it was just a review raving about the mattress itself – we do get those now 😊) 

If you are in the market for a new mattress either for your short term rental or even for yourself, give these options a try! Plus… all of them are available on Amazon and as we all know, they are great with shipping returns.

Please let us know if you’ve tried these mattresses, what your thoughts were and if you have any questions!