A Day Without Water Access

Around the area I live in now,  we experienced a water outage for a whole day due to the city needing to fix something on the main water line this week. All in all, it was a long day without water and as you can imagine… a lot of people were upset.

But instead of thinking in a mad and upset way

I just began to think throughout that day that… man… we are so lucky to have water stocked up at the grocery store. Or to have clean running water on a daily basis where we live or even open and free bathrooms to the public.

What can you do when this happens to your own short term rental when a guest is occupying it?

It may be overwhelming and you may think that you can’t do anything for your guest. But in reality you can!

Here are some tips that should help you get through that time in a good manner:

1. Contact Your Guest ASAP
No one likes feeling like they are missing important information. And for a guest it is even worse. Why? Because they are probably in a new city and also a home in which they know nothing about.
If you hear about something going on around your rental’s neighborhood – whether it be an electric problem, water outage or anything that would be affecting your space, search the issue.
Better yet, once you even hear that there is a problem, message your guest about what you have heard and then let them know you will update them when you hear more.
Everyone likes to be ‘in the know’ and your guest will appreciate the constant communication and transparency you give them.
2. Give Them Specific Items For The Issue
What can you do when the electricity is out or there is a water outage?
Specifically, with an electric outage, make sure you have 1 or 2 emergency lights available for your guest to use.
When it is a water outage, there is not much you can do to make the whole issue better. The best you can do is provide them with at least 2-3 gallons of water so that they have water for drinking, cooking or for using the bathroom while they wait for the issue to be fixed.
What if the issue will not be fixed within 24 hours? Try your best to make your guest feel comfortable. Can  they not cook dinner properly? Give them a $15 giftcard to a restaurant close by to help settle their frinzy. They will appreciate that you are showing you care.
3. Keep The Guests Updated
Like I stated earlier, everyone likes to be ‘in the know’. Whatever update (positive or negative), make sure you are sending it to the guest as well.
Any updates that you are able to share with the guest will help the guest figure out if they need to make a Plan B for their stay.
4. Show Them That You Care
Caring for your guest means everything.
Even when you know you cannot do anything to make the situation better, just messaging them or stopping by in person will display your sense of hospitality. Sometimes, depending on what you are able to do for them, they will be astonished at what you are willing to do to go above and beyond as a host.
If you have any extra tips from your own experience of unschehduled issues at your short term rentals – please leave comments! We are always trying to learn from others too.

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